Current Events

When it is your child's turn to do the job of Current Events, I will send an email to let you know. Please talk with your child about age-appropriate events happening in the world that he or she could share in class. It doesn't need to be long - I will give your child a sticky note in class to write the event on, and it will go on a current events board in the social studies classroom. They will also have the opportunity to share it aloud with the class so that the class can discuss the issue.

This is not for a grade, but it would be appreciated if your child would fulfill this responsibility, as the social studies teacher, Mrs. Nielson, and I would like to help our students understand the importance of keeping up with world events and considering how those events affect their lives. If you are unable to help at home, I will be sure to help your child in class so that they have something to share.

Here are some helpful websites for elementary-aged current events:

Social Studies for Kids

Fact Monster

PBS NewsHour Extra: News for Kids - Has video clips and articles

Scholastic News and Features


KidsPost - The Washington Post for kids

CNN Student News - Has 10-minute newsreels kids can watch

Science News for Kids

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