Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 18-22

Another Week has flown by!  This week in Math, we have continued working on long division.  Please keep working on multiplication at home.  Students should be reviewing their spelling words at home EVERYDAY. In Writing, we are finishing up our Biographies. Thursday we will have our Wax Museum. The students have a chance to dress up and give facts about the person they have chosen.  Have fun with this activity, be creative.  We had a great response to the Talent Show Auditions.  Good Luck to everyone who tried out!  We can't wait to watch our fellow students perform Friday@ the Talent Show. In Reading, we are finishing up our Guided Reading Books. Please encourage the kids to read at least 20 minutes everyday. It will truly help them become accomplished readers.  We are continuing to learn more about prefixes and suffixes.  We have also learned the homophones their, there, and they're.  Ask your students if they can tell you what each one means. Next week is going to be a super fun week.  On Tuesday, we have the opprotunity to go to Romeo and Juliet, and we are in need of 4 parents to chaperone.  If you are willing to volunteer, please contact us.  We will also have the wax museum, and school talent show!   As a Reminder, SPRING BREAK is April 1 -5th.  :)  Thank you for the opprotunity to teach your children. 

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