Sunday, April 14, 2013

spring? through April 19

The weeks are flying by us.  Miss Pohlig is getting married in two weeks!!  Collin was our student of the week.  I'll be eating lunch with him on Tuesday.  We have moved on from Biographies, straight to Poetry.  The kids have embraced poetry.  They are excited everyday to work on their collections.  They love to read about poetry, and they are excelling on writing poetry.  Miss. Pohlig cried a few times while reading some of their beautiful pieces they are composing.  We are finishing up Division in Math.  Please, Please, keep practicing Times Tables at HOME! We are reading Love That Dog, which is a poetry  book.  The students are loving poetry as much as biographies. We have having some problems with students being mean to each other.  We have talked to the students, and would love if being bullied/ or being the bully could be addressed at home.  Also, remember to study the spelling words with your children.  Next week, we have state testing.  Please have the students at school on time, having eaten a balanced breakfast, for best scores. We know they are going to do great.  Also, If any of you parents would like to go in on a gift for Miss. Pohlig, please send a envelope with my name on it, with the check or cash, and I can get her something from the class.  Hope you have a good week.

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